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This is THE only advantage on being on the other side of the planet. You get to be the first to play games :D I just stayed up for the midnight release for the game. Yea its just a game….. But I got the Prestige Edition.

Man it is awesome!

The game play is well done, but there are some parts where you want to grind your teeth and wanting to jump on you controller like you are on a sugar high on a pogo stick! But there are some cool new ideas like the heart beat scanner.

When it comes to the multiplayer, you can make your own classes: which means you’re able to create you own equipment lists, E.G. you can have an automatic Pistol (G18c is (excuse my language) tits for tight quarter’s situations and to quote Taste-T from MWH “na na na, this is a good jammie for beginners. This is better than those auto focus cameras. You just spray the area.” ) with p90 and that could be your own rush class. You can also give you weapons own customizations like a hart beat monitor, a silencer and scope ( I’m not very far in the Multi game so don’t quote me if that combination with a single weapon is possible.) I played a network game with my brother and I found it to run really well, and the multiplayer set up wasn’t as agonizingly as long as some other multiplier games I’ve played, like waiting half an hour. And for once I didn’t find the lag as brutal as I have in the meet with in the past.

Ok ill brake away here and tell you how shit my connection is (even in “supposed” local servers.). Your in MGO and decide to be a Sniper dirt-bag (hey man. I LOVE sniping) and so you pick the SVD because that’s all your poor ass can get at the moment ( Drebin doesn’t  give discounts :( ). You go to a spot and wait for some one to poke there head around a corner and you shoot them…. Twice…..In the HEAD. They dodge after tanking 2 head shots, like you had only broken wind so hard it gives your away position to every enemy in a 20 mile radios. and you get taken out by some one with a bloody M4 or an AK on the other side of the map. You are pissed….. right?  Or maybe its just me and my horrible luck with multiplayer games, and the fact that my country has shitty ADLS2 “broadband”.
New Zealand just so you know. We might have Fiber-Optics in 10 years but by then, the Tech will be outdated and Fiber-optics 2 will be out and we will be stuck behind everyone else. WAKE UP!!!!!

Ahem.. anyway as well with the game, I forked out for a bit more and got the Prestige Edition. It had a tin case for the game, an art book, and…..well you do a search and see ;p
Any way I know I will be verbally assaulted by people for getting this game and all I can say its my money, an if I should chose to piss it away then so be it. I like (certain) FPS games, (still need to play TF 2 and Portal [don’t worry they are on the list and I’m getting to them] ) but I tend to like 3rd person games a bit more. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

Also when it comes to bugs. I understand. Trust me I do. I have seen some concern over this, but I think its one of the problems that comes with next-gen graphics games. I totally agree that more should be done about this and researched into how games can be pumped out with out people waiting 20 mins (in New Zealand here) to an hour or so for patch. And yes, they should have a bigger game testing team for this, especially for big name… hell any name titles. Nothing pisses off game enthusiasts and any gamer in general than glitches. But so far I have found none, but I will leave it for others to find.

I believe fallout had quite a few bugs, but once you get past that it was a bloody good game and I cannot wait to buy GOTY so I can go to Point Lookout. That DLC looks like fun.

Any ways ill sees ya, and I know NO ONE will read this but I don’t care. If you have.

Thanks for your time.

p.s. the reason i have not noted people about my new DA acct is cause i cant think of one ;p. trust me im racking my brain to come up with a good one. I Can't!

stay metal and see you later!

NZ anime/traditional artists:
:icontheclartis::iconershatz: aka Darth Shadow :iconangelfish21::iconlifiathegreat::iconlilfairie::iconvldreyer::iconwinta1::iconfuu-sama::icontamarah::iconlovelykouga::iconkaggie::iconscurryhurry::iconalienation1234::iconcisiko::iconkrisfig::iconlarry-teh-fly::iconmagicalgirlsakura::iconsaiyan-shinzo::iconbeastboyluva::iconkwun-kwun::iconmarchie::iconguava::iconmeowsa-chan11::iconhanaraad::iconkeyshakitty::iconnaughty-kittykitty::iconarchvermin::iconmightyleafy::iconethird::iconjakuu::iconshadowssurroundme::icondark-taser::iconteotocchi::iconcharlie-brown:
if you know a New Zealand artist, again LET ME KNOW! Please? :pray: :innocent:


clubs im in
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  • Reading: nothing.
  • Watching: the pritty lights......
  • Playing: COD: MW2
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Tea..


For the 1000 Murk-tastic March
New Zealand
Current Residence: in my layer.....(trust me its not as fun as it sounds)
Favourite genre of music: any thing with a lot of bass!
Favourite photographer: Redeemer of light!
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Skin of choice: what?
Favourite cartoon character: mine
Personal Quote: stand up or be stood out! dont back down, stick up for yourself


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